Darren Evorglens ft. Badmash – Don’t Lose Your Soul (Extended Version)

Badmash “Hindi Rap Guru” Verse Lyrics:

Lemme see just how it goes,
If it’s rockin’ then let’s roll,
Life’s a drama, I suppose,
Like a movie trailer, good or bad, who knows?
I’m walkin’ alone on this road,
Hardwork is the way I chose,
Drippin’ with sweat, I’m so wet wet wet,
I can feel it in my fingers, feel it in my toes,
And I’m doin’ what has to be done,
Can’t wait to see the outcome,
Like Neo, wannabe the one,
Why so serious, Joker be the fun,
Negative minus positive mind,
Look ahead instead of the time,
It will be gone in a few seconds,
So lemme just sing for this moment.
(Singing Part)
She’s been in ‘n she’s been out,
She’s not alone cos she’s back home,
He’s got everything he ever wanted,
But he could have left his baggage at home.

DISCLAIMER: This video is not used for any commercial purposes or profit but only for promo use.

This is another music video produced by Badmash Factory Production for talented singer Darren Evorglens, for his self-composed melody (not the lyrics) “Don’t Lose Your Soul” song, which was used in LCBO’s “Soul Whiskey” competition, 2010. The video was shot in 2 days and finalized in 3 days.

Though this entry didn’t win the contest, cos it was more based on popularity and spamming online and “NOT CREATIVITY & EXECUTION”, which was sad, but it was sure fun doing it and a great way to showcase the singing talent of Darren.

Subscribe Darren Evorglens Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/DBTWENTYSIX

And also join him on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=775720028

The music is produced, mixed and mastered by Rohit “Badmash” Thakur and also the music video is conceptualized, produced and directed by him, as well. Enjoy : )

This song is from Badmash Mixtape Volume 3, releasing soon.

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