Badmash Factory – Abazz & MO.H ft. Badmash “Tere Liye” (Official Music Video 2010)

This is an official music video, for an original composition, performed by A-bazz & MOH featuring Badmash “Hindi Rap Guru”.
The single is called “Tere Liye”, music produced by A-bazz & MOH Production 2010. All rights reserved.
The music video is shot, edited & directed by Rohit “Badmash” Thakur, under Badmash Factory Production 2010. All rights reserved.

All credits have been given to where it deserves.

Badmash Factory – Darren Evorglens “Don’t Lose Your Soul” (LCBO Version)

“Don’t Lose Your Soul” – performed by: Darren Evorglens from LCBO on Vimeo.

Please VOTE for Darren “Evorglens”, the artist, for his music video for “Don’t Lose Your Soul” here:
It’s a remake of the original song, lyrics were provided us by the LCBO, for the contest, to sing it in our own tune and style, and make a video for it.
Darren made the song melody and the guitar riffs while I recorded, mixed and mastered it, in one day.
The music video’s concept, shot, edited and fx are solely done by Me, Rohit “BADMASH” Thakur, in 3 days straight.

After this contest ends, you will see the extended version of the video, with my rap part in it (this time in English), which will be called the “Badmash’s Original Version”.
This will be something different, from my side, which I have always been. I hope you guys enjoy this 🙂

A simple idea executed by me.

Concept: A bored office worker doesn’t feel like working one day and wants to get off as soon as possible. He tries many things to pass time but for him it felt like the time stood still forever. Then suddenly this energy drink comes to the rescue and he sure obeys the office time.

Credits: Alexandra Barbu, for assistance and playing the co-worker.



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