Badmash ft. Alex B – Through The Night & When I’m Around

Ok Everybody!!!…finally the Music Video for “Through The Night” is done.
This is just one of the many music video I will be doing in the coming future.
I have always dreamt of doing this and now I’m making it a reality.
There’s so many things to do and so little time and my journey has just begun.
I’m in the path of creating a new genre of entertainment in India so come one, come all, and follow me.
Hope you enjoy this hard work of mine.
Please do write to me, some comment, rate me and spread my video link to your friends. That would be so much appreciated.
Also thanks for all your love and support in appreciating my talent and my skills, I love you all.

Music Video Title : Badmash ft. Alex B – Through The Night

Duration : 4 Min 40 Secs

Director, Editor & Visual Fx : Rohit “BADMASH” Thakur

Videography : Tom Marasovic

Video Shoot Assistant : Enes Pizovic

Models : Alexandra Barbu, Rizi Marielle & Sarah M. Bella

Music by : DJ Chinmoy

Produced by : Brothers In Groove

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