Badmash – Yeh Hai Partytime (Da Rockwilder Mix)

It’s just a fun video I shot in 2007, finally I got time to finish and upload it for you guys to see and enjoy. Thanks again for appreciating my work.

Hindi Rap Guru and his “Rap Shiksha” on how to Rap, Record and Mix your own song!!!


I have been asked so many times by my friends and people who love what I do that how I do it. So in this section, I want to share what I know about making songs and mixing it. The journey is still on…and am trying to improve and create something new everytime. I truly believe that sharing brings an enriching experience. So Hindi Rap Guru and his “Rap Shiksha” is about Me and You – Ask me all you want to on how to Rap, Record and Mix your own song!!!…and if you have anything to tell me too that would be appreciated as well!!!

You can put up your questions here with whatever you have in mind on this topic and I will see if  I can answer you in its best possible way with all of my knowledge!!!…

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