Dj Wardhan ft. Badmash – Mar Jawan (B.I.G Hip Hop Mix 2008)

This remixed version of the song “Mar Jawan” is from the movie “Fashion” (2008) directed by Madhur Bhandarkar. It is done by DJ. Wardhan from Brothers In Groove (B.I.G) featuring one and only “Hindi” rapper Badmash, the Hindi Rap Guru. Brothers In Groove, strictly Made In India in 2007.

Badmash – Hypnotic (A Short Music Video)

This is my first ever short music video, I experimented with, of my unfinished song “Hypnotic”, hope to finish it soon and upload it for you guys to listen n enjoy!!!…

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This is my profile on Here you can listen to my latest song Mp3s, as an online streaming playlist. So you can enjoy my music as you work, but do finish up your work on time ok.

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This is my official myspace music profile page…… where I’m active like every day, interacting with different talented people all around the world, and where you can hear my latest song.

So keep in touch with me here for my every next move!!!…

Badmash Music & Videos on YouTube

Because I’m an Artist and artist’s happiness lies in the appreciation from the people on his work. So next time you see my video on Youtube, let me know how much you like it by commenting on it or easier still – RATE IT! By doing so you will inspire and encourage me for my next venture.

About Badmash and His MUSIC

Hi Everybody,

This is where I am available to interact with  personally!! I want to know more about you, how you feel about my MUSIC and next time what do you want me to with it… I’m all ears!!!… is coming too!!! …Hopefully I will be able to go live with it as soon as possible for you guys to enjoy !!!…

Feel free to express yourself, anything it is, it goes!!!…Let if flow people!!!…

About Badmash and His ART!!!

Hi Everybody,

This is where I want to interact with you personally and want to know more about you guys. About how you feel and what do you think and whats your opinion about my ART, which I love doing like Animation, Graphic, Illustration and Design, here at:!!!…

Feel free to express yourself, anything it is it goes!!!…


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